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Igor Sill is a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. Sill was educated at the University of California, Berkeley (1975). In 2004 he was a member of the first cohort to complete the Executive MBA program at the Saᅢᆵd Business School, University of Oxford. He is a member of Merton College, Oxford. He has completed a number of other courses, including De Anza College Microprocessor Design and Programming Certification Program (1980), Stanford Graduate School of Business Advanced Management College (1981), Strategic Marketing Management (1983), and Stanford Executive Program (1984), the Venture Capital Institute certification program (1996), Harvard Business School Venture Capital Program (1997), and Stanford Law School Directors College (1998). At an early stage in his career Sill rose through the ranks to become the General Manager of EIS and managed the internal merger and integration of Exxon Corporation's three high technology divisions, Qwip, QYX, and VYDEC in San Francisco.

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Merton College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England. Its foundation can be traced back to the 1260s when Walter de Merton, chancellor to Henry III and later to Edward I, first drew up statutes for an independent academic community and established endowments to support it. The important feature of Walter's foundation was that this "college" was to be self-governing and that the endowments were directly vested in the Warden and Fellows.

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