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Ikililou Dhoinine (born 14 August 1962) is a Comorian politician who has been President of Comoros since 2011; he was previously a Vice-President of Comoros from 2006 to 2011. Dhoinine won the 2010 Comorian presidential election, in which he received the most votes in the first round (28.19%). He faced Mohamed Said Fazul and Abdou Djabir in a run-off election and received 61.12% to win the Presidency. A member of the ruling party, Dhoinine was supported in the election by incumbent President Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi. Previously, he had worked in the Ministry of Finance as the Vice-President in charge of Budget and Women's Entrepreneurship. From 26 March to 31 March 2008, he was the provisional President of Anjouan, an island in the Comoros. Dhoinine, a pharmacist by training, is the first President of Comoros from the island of Mohéli.

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Date of birth
August 14th, 1962



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President of the Comoros




President of the Comoros is a government office or title in Comoros.

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Vice President of the Comoros




Vice President of the Comoros is a political position in the Comoros . Vice Presidents are appointed by the President. The Presidency and the positions of the two Vice Presidents are rotated between the three islands, Grande Comore, Anjouan and Mohéli. Since 2011, there has been three Vice Presidents from each of the islands in the Union of the Comoros. History of the office holders follows.

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