Indio Mariano

Indio Mariano was an Indigenous rebel against Spain in 1801 in Tepic, Nueva Galicia, now in the Mexican state of Nayarit. With the arrival of the Bourbons on the throne of Spain in 1701 came a period of nder Indio Mariano, one of them serious, led by different men. The first of these took place in Tepic, Nueva Galicia in January. The second, for which rebellion is too strong a word, was in September in Nuevo León. Juan Hilario Rubio, an important man of Tepic, Alcalde José Desiderio Maldonado, and the Indigenous clerk Juan Francisco Medina were the leaders of the first Indio Mariano rebellion. These men circulated a proclamation for the crowning of a native of Tlaxcala as Rey de Indias Mariano Primero (Mariano I, king of the Indies). This was scheduled for January 6, 1801. Even before that date, some pueblos were in open rebellion against the Spanish. The coronation, however, was frustrated. The Spanish officials were able to assemble a force of 762 men and 8 pieces of artillery, relying largely on the local militia and the fleet in the harbor at San Blas. For the place and time, this was an overwhelming force. The three leaders and many other persons were taken prisoner.


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