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Irwin Salmon Chanin (29 October 1891 – 24 February 1988) was an American architect and real estate developer, best known for designing several Art Deco towers and Broadway theaters. He was President of Chanin Theatres Corporation, and his brother Henry I. Chanin was Treasurer. Notable buildings include the Chanin Building, Richard Rodgers Theatre, The Century, and The Majestic. Chanin graduated from Cooper Union in 1915, and in 1981, it renamed its school of architecture after him. Chanin was also known for starting the "Green Acres" section of Valley Stream, NY, which he never finished after World War II, only completing the "Old section" in the 1930s.

Personal details

Date of birth
October 29th, 1891
Date of death
February 24th, 1988 at age of 96


1. Cooper Union Colleges/University

The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, commonly referred to simply as Cooper Union, is a privately funded college in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City, located at Cooper Square and Astor Place. Founded in 1859, the school established a radical new model of American higher education: its mission reflects founder Peter Cooper's fundamental belief that an education "equal to the best" should be accessible to those who qualify, independent of their race, religion, sex, wealth or social status. Since 1902, The Cooper Union has granted each admitted student a full-tuition scholarship, according to the belief of Abraham Hewitt, Peter Cooper's son-in-law and a major figure in the early organization of the curriculum, that education should be "free as air and water.

Type Private university
2013. 669 mil. $
2010. 579 mil. $
Institution colors
30 Cooper Square, 10003 - New York City, New York
2012. 880
2010. 914
2009. 897
2012. 59
2010. 90
Acceptance rate
2012. 8.0 %
2010. 8.0 %
Local tuition
2013. 41.4 K $
2010. 35 K $
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b. 1887., Architect
b. 1882., Architect
b. 1946., Architect
b. 1917., Architect
b. 1929., Architect
b. 1924., Architect
b. 1958., Architect
b. 1871., Architect


1. The Majestic

Art Deco Structure
Architectural style
Art Deco
Opened 1931
Address New York City
Structure height 105.46 meters
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2. Richard Rodgers Theatre

Opened 1928
Nederlander Organization
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3. The Century

Art Deco Structure
Architectural style
Art Deco
Opened 1931
Address New York City
Structure height 106.07 meters
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4. Chanin Building

Architectural style
Art Deco
Opened 1930
Address 122 E. 42nd St., New York City, New York
Structure height 197.8 meters
Floors 56
Cultural site listing
(1980) National Register of Historic Places
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1.Chanin Building

The Chanin Building is a brick and terra-cotta skyscraper located at 122 East 42nd Street, at the corner of Lexington Avenue, in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Built by Irwin S. Chanin in 1929, it is 56 stories high, reaching 197.8 metres excluding the spire and 207.3 metres including it. It was designed by Sloan & Robertson in the Art Deco style, with the assistance of Chanin's own architect Jacques Delamarre, and it incorporates architectural sculpture by Rene Paul Chambellan. The building was designated a New York City landmark in 1978, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.
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New York City, New York


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