Iskandar Safa

Iskandar Safa (Beirut, 1952) is a French businessman of Lebanese origins (Maronite Christian family), who became famous during the Lebanese hostage crisis in 1987-88 and suspected financial transactions of the ransom. He was the director of Triacorps, and also worked with the Sofremi. He is the owner of the CMN (Construction mécaniques de Normandie), suspected of illegal fundings of Jean-Charles Marchiani, the former second-hand man of former Interior Minister Charles Pasqua. Safa is managing director of Abu Dhabi Mar. He has also been indicted for the suspected buying of a friendly article published in 2005 in Le Point, titled "Un PDG interdit de séjour". The cases were suspected to have been politically motivated and, in 2009, were dropped by the French prosecutors for lack of evidence.

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