Iyas Ibn Muawiyah Al-Muzani

Iyas Ibn Muawiyah Al-Muzani (full name, Abû Wâthîlet Iyâs ibn Mu’âwiyet ibn Korrah) was a tabi'i Qadi (judge) in the 2nd century AH who lived in Basra (modern day Iraq). He was renowned for possessing a form of cleverness which became a favorite topic in Arabic folk-lore. Al-Maydani relates a story about Iyas al-Muzani, that he once heard a dog bark and he declared that the beast was tied to the brink of a well; he judged so because the bark was followed by an echo. Another time two men came before him, the complainant claimed money received by the defendant who denied the debt. Iyas asked the plaintiff where he had given it, and was answered, "Under a certain tree." The judge told him to go there by way of refreshing his memory and in his absence asked the defendant if his adversary could have reached it. "Not yet," said the rogue, forgetting himself; "it's a long way off" - which answer convicted him. Seeing three women act upon a sudden alarm, he said, "One of them is pregnant, another is nursing, and the third is a virgin." He explained his diagnosis as follows: "In time of danger persons lay their hands on what they most prize.


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