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Jackie Smith-Wood is a British actress and director. As an actress she has worked in film, television, theatre and radio. Internationally Smith-Wood is best known in her portrayal of Mary Crawford in the BBC's 1983 miniseries of Jane Austen's Mansfield Park. Smith-Wood's stage credits include: Smith-Wood directed Chekov's The Bear and The Proposal for Studio Theatrale du Luberon in 2006, and Noël Coward's Blithe Spirit for Studio Theatrale du Luberon in 2008. Smith-Wood is based in Oxford.

Personal details

United Kingdom

Movie performances

1. Man-Eaters of India (1986)

Documentary, Drama
played Norah Vivian
Runtime Producers Directors Writers Top cast Awards Budget Movie on internet
Peter Jones
Rani Dubé
Alex Kirby
5 Show list

Man-Eaters of India is a 1986 documentary drama film written by Martin Booth and John Elliot and directed by Alex Kirby.


Top cast

Jim Corbett
Robin Hood
Maggie Corbett
Subjects Music by Cinematographers Costumography Soundtrack Languages Country
Ian Adley
United Kingdom

Starring TV roles

1. Mansfield Park

Drama, Romance
Character Performance type Networks Seasons From To Created by First epizode air date Last epizode air date Num. of seassons Regular cast Languages

Mary Crawford
British Broadcasting Corporation
November 6th, 1983 December 11th, 1983 1
Robert Burbage


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