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Jacob Daniel Handy and Zackery Christopher Handy (born September 12, 1993 in Los Angeles, California) are two American child actors. Their biggest part was arguably the role of "Duby" in the 1999 movie Baby Geniuses. On January 13, 2002 they had a guest role on The X-Files, playing "Luke Doggett".

Personal details

Date of birth
September 12th, 1993
United States of America



Movie performances

1. Baby Geniuses (1999)

Comedy, Crime, Family
played Duby
Runtime Producers Directors Writers Top cast Awards Budget Movie on internet
Greg Michael
18 Show list $18M

Baby Geniuses is a 1999 family-oriented comedy film directed by Bob Clark. It stars Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd. The film has the distinction of being the first full-length feature to use Computer-generated imagery for the synthesis of human visual speech. 2D warping techniques were used to digitally animate the mouth viseme shapes of the babies which were originally shot with their mouths closed. The viseme shapes were sampled from syllables uttered by the babies on the set. It was followed by a sequel, Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 in 2004. In 2011 an original series based on Baby Geniuses 2 was announced. It was to be titled Baby Genuises: B.S.I.. The series was supposed to air on Starz and last 26 episodes. The series has so far aired in Italy and the Far East. Additionally, the series is being released as a set of movies. Baby Geniuses and the Mystery of the Crown Jewels, which features episodes 1-4, was released directly to video in 2013. Episodes 5-8, Baby Geniuses and the Treasures of Egypt, came out in 2014, and episodes 9-12, Baby Geniuses and the Space Baby, are expected to be released in 2015.


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Stephen M. Katz
Betty Pecha Madden
United States of America

2. Krippendorf's Tribe (1998)

played Edmund
Runtime Producers Directors Writers Top cast Awards Budget Movie on internet
Charlie Peters
26 Show list

Krippendorf's Tribe is a 1998 film adaptation of Frank Parkin's novel of the same name, directed by Todd Holland. The film stars Richard Dreyfuss as the eponymous professor, along with Jenna Elfman, Natasha Lyonne, and Lily Tomlin.


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Guest TV appearances

The X-Files

Program genre

Live action
Film noir
Crime Fiction
Science Fiction

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The X-Files is an American science fiction horror drama television series created by Chris Carter. The program originally aired from September 10, 1993 to May 19, 2002 on Fox, spanning nine seasons and 202 episodes. The series revolves around FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully investigating X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully, a skeptic, is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries to debunk his work and thus return him to mainstream cases. Early in the series, both agents become pawns in a larger conflict and come to trust only each other. They develop a close relationship, which begins as a platonic friendship, but becomes a romance by series end. In addition to the series-spanning story arc, Monster-of-the-Week episodes form roughly two-thirds of the episodes. Such stand-alone episodes enrich the show's background while not affecting its ongoing mythology.
Appearance history
Epizode Air date Role Writer Director
S09-E07 January 13th, 2002 Luke Doggett


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