Jacques de la Palice

Jacques de la palice

Jacques de la Palice (or la Palisse) (1470 – 24 February 1525) was a French nobleman and military officer. His full name and titles are Jacques II de Chabannes, Lord of La Palice, of Pacy, of Chauverothe, of Bort-le-Comte and of Héron. In 1511, he received the title of Grand Master of France. As a Marshal under Francis I, he fought against Italian armies, and died during the battle of Pavia. He was born at Lapalisse, Auvergne. At 15 de la Palice entered the service of King Charles VIII of France, of his same age. His first battle was that of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier (1488). Four years later he married Jeanne de Montbéron, daughter of chamberlain Eustache de Montbéron. In 1494 he followed the king in war for the Kingdom of Naples, taking part in the latter city's capture in 1495, as well as in the battle of Fornovo (1498) against the Italian League, which allowed the French army to retreat in their homeland. After Charles' death, la Palice accompanied the new King, Louis XII, in the campaign for Milan, which the French captured in 1499. He conquered several lands in the Abruzzi and in Apulia, being created vice-roy of Abruzzo in 1502.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
February 24th, 1525 at age of 55


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