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Jaggi Vasudev (Kannada: ಸಧ್ಗುರು ಜಗ್ಗಿ ವಾಸುದೇವ್ Tamil: சத்குரு ஜக்கி வாசுதேவ் Hindi: सदगुरु जग्गी वासुदेव Telugu: సద్గురు జగ్గి వాసుదేవ్ ) also known as Sadhguru, is an Indian yogi and mystic. He founded the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization which offers yoga programs around the world, including India, United States, England, Lebanon, Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Uganda and Australia. The Foundation is also involved in various social and community development activities, which have resulted in the Foundation being granted special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Sadhguru was born as Jagadish Vasudev on 3 September 1957 in Mysore, Karnataka, India. His father was a doctor. At the age of 11, Vasudev began yogic practices such as asanas and pranayama under the tutelage of Raghavendra Rao more commonly referred to as Malladihalli Swami. Sadhguru excelled at school and was a very bright student. He graduated with a degree in English Literature from the Mysore University. At the age of twenty-five, he underwent a deep spiritual experience which was to change the course of his future life.

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September 3rd, 1957


1. University of Mysore Colleges/University

The University of Mysore is a public university in India. The University founded during the reign of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, the Maharaja of Mysore. The university opened on 27 July 1916, with the first chancellor being the Maharaja of Mysore and the first Vice Chancellor being H. V. Nanjundaiah. The University became the first outside the domain of the English administration in India, the sixth University in India as a whole, and the first ever University in Karnataka. It is a state University of the affiliating type, and became autonomous on 3 March 1956, when it gained recognition from the University Grants Commission.

Type Public university
Crawford Hall, 570006 - Mysore, Karnataka
Official web page www.uni-mysore.ac.in
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b. 1943., Organization founder
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b. 1963., Writer

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Isha Foundation is a non-profit, spiritual organization founded in 1992 by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. It is based at the Isha Yoga Center near Coimbatore, India and at the Isha Institute of Inner Sciences at McMinnville, Tennessee in the United States. The foundation offers yoga programs under the name Isha Yoga. It has over 2 million volunteers and works in tandem with international bodies like the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.


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