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Jahangir Salim Nuruddin Jahangir (full title: Al-Sultan al-'Azam wal Khaqan al-Mukarram, Khushru-i-Giti Panah, Abu'l-Fath Nur-ud-din Muhammad Jahangir Padshah Ghazi [Jannat-Makaani]) (20 September 1569 – 8 November 1627) was the fourth ruler of the Mughal Empire from 1605 until his death in 1627. The name Jahangir is from Persian جهانگیر, meaning "Conqueror of the World". Nur-ud-din or Nur al-Din is an Arabic name that means "Light of the Faith". Born as Prince Muhammad Salim and nicknamed Sheykhu Baba, he was the third and eldest surviving son of Mogul Emperor Akbar. Akbar's twin sons, Hasan and Hussain, died in infancy. His mother was the Rajput Princess of Amber, Jodhabai (born Rajkumari Hira Kunwari, eldest daughter of Raja Bihar Mal or Bharmal, Raja of Amber, India). Jahangir was a child of many prayers. It is said to be by the blessing of Shaikh Salim Chishti (one of the revered sages of his times) that Akbar's first surviving child, the future Jahangir, was born. The child was named Salim after the dervish and was affectionately addressed by Akbar as Sheikhu Baba. Akbar developed an emotional attachment to the village Sikri (abode of Chishti). Thereafter, he developed the town of  ( Wikipedia article )


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Fatehpur Sikri


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