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Jakub Szela (was born 1787, Smarżowa, in Galicia - died 1866, Vicşani, in Bukovina, now Romania) was a Polish leader of a peasant uprising against the gentry in Galicia in 1846; directed against manorial property (for example, the manorial prisons) and rising against serfdom; scores of manors were attacked and their inhabitants murdered. Galician, mainly Polish, peasants killed over 1000 noblemen and destroyed 474 manors in 1846. He represented his village in an extended conflict with its unjust lord and was arrested and lashed several times. During the 1846 rebellion, instigated by Vienna, Szela became the leader of the Galician peasants, destroyed a number of manors, and killed, among others, the family of his lord. Szela tried to organize an all-Galician peasant uprising, with the main slogan of corvee refusal. The rebellious villages were pacified by the Austrian Army. By contrast, Szela was interned and quietly given a medal and a freehold farm in Bukovina as a reward for crushing the Nationalistic Nobles.  ( Wikipedia article )


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