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James Braidwood (1800–1861) founded the world's first municipal fire service in Edinburgh in 1824, and was the first director of the London Fire Engine Establishment (the brigade which was eventually to become the London Fire Brigade). He is credited with the development of the modern municipal fire service. He was born in Edinburgh the tenth child of Francis James Braidwood a cabinetmaker, and Janet Mitchell. He was educated at the Royal High School. He learned about the construction of buildings after joining his father's building firm as an apprentice, knowledge he was later to put to good use. Appointed Master of Fire Engines in 1824, at the age of twenty-four, Braidwood established principles of fire-fighting that are still applied today. His training as a surveyor gave him exceptional knowledge of the behaviour of building materials and housing conditions in the Old Town of Edinburgh. He recruited to the service expert tradesmen - slaters, carpenters, masons and plumbers - who could apply their various fields of expertise to fire fighting.

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Date of birth
Date of death
June 22nd, 1861 at age of 61
Places lived
Edinburgh , United Kingdom
pop. 495,360 (2011)


1. Royal High School, Edinburgh School

The Royal High School (RHS) of Edinburgh is a co-educational state school administered by the City of Edinburgh Council. The school was founded in 1128 and is one of the oldest schools in Scotland, and has, throughout its history, been high achieving, consistently attaining well above average exam results. It serves 1200 pupils drawn from four feeder primaries in the north-west of the city: Blackhall, Clermiston, Cramond and Davidson's Mains although some pupils come from outwith these primary schools.

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East Barnton Avenue, Edinburgh
Official web page www.royalhigh.edin.sch.uk
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b. 1803., Architect
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b. 1728., Architect

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1. London Fire Brigade


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169 Union Street, London

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The London Fire Brigade is the statutory fire and rescue service for London. It was formed by the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Act of 1865 under the leadership of Superintendent Eyre Massey Shaw. It is the second largest of all the fire services in the United Kingdom, after the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the fifth-largest in the world with nearly 7,000 staff, including 5,800 operational firefighters based at 102 fire stations. Ron Dobson is the Commissioner for Fire and Emergency Planning, which includes the position of Chief Fire Officer; he replaced Ken Knight in 2007. Statutory responsibility for the running of the brigade lies with the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority. In 2010/11 the LFB handled 212,657 999 emergency calls. Of the calls it mobilised to, 27,563 were fires, including 13,367 that were of a serious nature, making it one of the busiest fire services in the world. In the same period, it received 5,241 hoax calls, the highest number of any UK fire service, but crews were mobilised to only 2,248 of them.


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