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James William Slessor Marr (1902 – 30 April 1965) was a Scottish marine biologist and polar explorer. Marr was born in Aberdeenshire. He and Norman Mooney were two Boy Scouts who were selected by Sir Ernest Shackleton to join him on the Shackleton–Rowett Expedition in 1921, on board the vessel Quest. He later wrote the book Into The Frozen South (1923) about his experiences. He took part in the British Australian and New Zealand Antarctic Research Expedition with Sir Douglas Mawson. He went on to become a marine biologist, taking part in the Discovery Investigations, specialising in Antarctic Krill. Lieutenant Marr led Operation Tabarin during World War II. It was a small British Antarctica expedition launched from the United Kingdom in 1943 to the Antarctic to establish permanently occupied bases. Marr led the overwintering team at Port Lockroy in 1944.  ( Wikipedia article )


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