James R. Jordan

James Raymond Jordan, Jr. (born 1957) (Nickname JJ) is the former Command Sergeant Major of the 35th Signal Brigade of the U.S. Army's XVIII Airborne Corps. To his soldiers he was famous for his phrases like; "If you think it's cold here, wait until we get to Iraq." He made headlines on November 28, 2004, when he announced that he planned to stay in Iraq with his unit, despite the fact that he had passed his mandatory retirement date. He is also the brother of basketball great Michael Jordan. Named after his father, James grew up in Wilmington, North Carolina. James was active in the JROTC organization in high school, and joined the Army in 1974 at the age of seventeen. While his brother became a celebrity playing for the NBA's Chicago Bulls, James continued life as a soldier. He made it a point not to speak much about his brother to fellow soldiers, afraid that his presence as Michael Jordan's brother would affect the other soldiers' concentration on their jobs. He also wanted to show other soldiers that he did not deserve special treatment from anyone. His brigade commander, Colonel Bryan Ellis, described James as "completely selfless.

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