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Jamie pineda

Jamie Pineda is an American pop singer-songwriter and former model. In late 2007, Pineda signed on to be the front woman of the international pop music project Sweetbox. Pineda grew up in Fall River Mills, California with seven brothers and sisters. Growing up, she played guitar and piano in the church choir while also singing in the school choir. When she was 14, she was offered a contract after an executive heard her singing on the balcony of her grandmother's restaurant. However, her family said she was much too young and they passed on the opportunity. When she was 15, Jamie stood in line to audition for American Idol but was 20 days too young to compete. Among her credits, she has performed at a halftime show for the Sacramento Kings game. She has stated before that some of her influences include Mariah Carey, Selena, Etta James and Alicia Keys. After her town raised money for Pineda to move to Los Angeles, she made the move and found herself modeling for an agency to make ends meet, while trying to make it as a musician.

Personal details

Date of birth
September 27th, 1988

Musical acts

1.Sweetbox Hip hop music, Pop music, Contemporary R&B, Electronic dance music, Dance music, Rock music

2007 -

Sweetbox is a Los Angeles based pop music project formed in Germany in 1995 by executive producer Heiko Schmidt and music producer Roberto "Geo" Rosan. Throughout the years Sweetbox has had several leading women including Kimberly Kearney, Dacia Bridges, Tina Harris, Jade Villalon, Jamie Pineda and most recently and currently, Miho Fukuhara and LogiQ Pryce. Although the project released four singles in the mid '90s, with initial singers Kimberley Kearney and Dacia Bridges, worldwide success came with third vocalist, Tina Harris. Everything's Gonna Be Alright was released in 1997, which topped charts around the world and started a musical theme, sampling classical music, which the project would later become known for. Tina Harris left after two years, with Jade Villalon replacing her as the fourth vocalist with five original albums, all reaching Gold or Platinum in Korea. Villalon, along with "Geo" left the project after seven years to go on and do other projects. Vocalist Jamie Pineda took the role as new vocalist shortly after in late 2007 and then releasing her first studio album The Next Generation in 2009, which was produced by Derek Bramble.

Member history

Member Role Start End
1997 1999
1999 September, 2007
August, 2007
Kimberly Kearney
Roberto Rosan
Dacia Bridges
D. Christopher Taylor
Jon Nørgaard
Miho Fukuhara

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