Jan Gies

Deceased Person from Netherlands

Jan Gies (18 October 1905 – 26 January 1993) was a member of the Dutch Resistance who, with his wife Miep, helped hide Anne Frank and her family from Nazi persecution during the occupation of the Netherlands. Jan Gies (né Henk van Santen) was born and raised in Amsterdam's south side. He met his future wife, Miep Gies, in 1933 when he was a bookkeeper and she an office worker at a local textile company. It was not until after they'd gone their separate ways - Jan into the Dutch Social Services and Miep to Otto Frank's company Opekta - that they met each other again socially in 1936. They married in Amsterdam on 16 July 1941, when Miep was threatened with deportation back to Vienna after she refused to join a Nazi women's group. Their wedding was attended by Otto and Anne Frank, Hermann van Pels and his wife, and Miep's colleagues Victor Kugler, Bep Voskuijl and Johannes Kleiman. Later that year, Gies was appointed the nominal director of Otto Frank's company after he was forced to resign from the board under the newly introduced Nazi laws which forbade Jews to hold directorships, and from then on, the company traded under the name Gies & Co. As the persecution of Amsterdam's Jewish  ( Wikipedia article )


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Known as
Henk van Santen,Jan A. Gies,Henk Gies
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Miep Gies
Paul Gies


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Diabetes mellitus
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