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Jane Isbell (May 1, 1927 - October 19, 1981) was a minor actress, a bit player and extra who appeared in some of the major films produced during Hollywood's Golden Era in the 1930s-40s. She was born Clarita Jane Isbell in Meridian, Mississippi, the daughter of Theodore Clark Isbell and Elizabeth (Gully) Isbell. Her father was a Vaudeville performer and her mother a granddaughter of Chief Justice George Washington Stone (1811–1894) of the Alabama Supreme Court. Clark Isbell's great-great-grandfather was a colorful Revolutionary War soldier who once saved the life of Andrew Jackson. The Isbells moved to Los Angeles when Jane was an infant. The elder of two sisters, she began modeling and appearing as an extra in films when only four years old. In 1932, she made her first Mickey McGuire comedy starring Mickey Rooney and would eventually make five films in the Mickey McGuire series, similar to the Our Gang films. She grew up with child stars for playmates and was among those tested for the role of Bonnie Butler in Gone With the Wind. She and Ann Gillis were best friends, working in several films together, usually with Gillis the featured player and Isbell an extra and stand-in. She was  ( Wikipedia article )


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