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Jean Guyon du Buisson (September 18, 1592 - May 30, 1663) was born at the Saint-Aubin parish in Tourouvre, Orne, France on September 18, 1592. Guyon was patriarch of "one of the earliest French families to settle in (Nouvelle France), one of the most numerous in the beginning, one of the most respected and best known." Guyon made his living as a mason and was regarded as a "master mason of excellent reputation". In 1615, he finished the interior stone staircase of the church Saint-Aubin. Guyon and family emigrated to North America as part of the Percheron Immigration, a small group of families and some single men from the region of Perche, in the province of Normandy, brought over to Nouvelle France in 1634 to colonize new areas. Jean de Lauzon, the Governor of New France, awarded a concession of land to Robert Giffard de Moncel, physician to the colony. Giffard, now Seigneurie of Beauport, recruited Guyon and other tradesmen to the new colony with the offer of 1,000 arpents (341.9 ha) of land with hunting and fishing rights in exchange for three years of service. Guyon traveled aboard a convoy of four ships under the command of Charles Duplessis-Bochart and arrived in Nouvelle  ( Wikipedia article )


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Beauport, Quebec

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