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Jean-Marc Lalonde (born 1935) is a politician in Ontario, Canada. He is a former member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, representing the riding of Glengarry—Prescott—Russell for the Ontario Liberal Party. Lalonde was employed in the Public Service of Canada from 1956 to 1990. He served for a time as the manager of the Canadian Government Printing Bureau, and was responsible for the establishment and operation of technical training and development for the Canada Communications Group. Outside of public service, Lalonde was a co-owner of the Hull Olympiques ice hockey team in the Quebec Junior Hockey League for several years, and was a director of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association from 1972 to 1976. He was also mayor of Rockland, Ontario from 1976 to 1991. For eleven years, Lalonde was a director of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, and was also the vice-president of the Association for Francophone Municipalities of Ontario for a time. Lalonde was first elected to the Ontario legislature in the 1995 provincial election, in the safe Liberal (and predominantly francophone) seat of Prescott and Russell in the easternmost section of the province.

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The Ontario Liberal Party is a provincial political party in the province of Ontario, Canada. It has formed the Government of Ontario since the provincial election of 2003. The party is ideologically aligned with the Liberal Party of Canada but the two parties are organizationally independent and have separate, though overlapping, memberships. The party is led by Kathleen Wynne, who was sworn in as Premier of Ontario on February 11, 2013 after winning the Ontario Liberal leadership election on January 26, 2013.

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A Member of Provincial Parliament is an elected member of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, Canada. The titular designation "Member of Provincial Parliament" and the initialism "MPP" were formally adopted by the Legislature on April 7, 1938. Prior to the adoption of this resolution, members had no fixed designation. Prior to Confederation members of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada had been known by various titles including MPP, MLA and MHA and this confusion persisted after 1867 with members of the Ontario legislature using the titles Members of the Legislative Assembly or Members of Provincial Parliament interchangeably. In 1938, Frederick Fraser Hunter, the Member for St. Patrick, introduced a private member's bill to designate members as Members of Parliament arguing that the titles of MPP or MLA were confusing, inaccurate, and undignified. However, his original proposal failed to pass and as an alternative a resolution was adopted fixing the title as Members of Provincial Parliament. The text of the Resolution passed by the House on that day is as follows: On motion of Mr. Hunter, seconded by Mr.

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