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Jeffrey Thomas "Jeff" Porcaro (April 1, 1954 – August 5, 1992) was an American session drummer and a founding member of the Grammy Award winning band Toto. Porcaro was one of the most recorded drummers in history, working on hundreds of albums and thousands of sessions. While already an established studio player in the 1970s, he shot to prominence in the US as the drummer on the Steely Dan album Katy Lied. Allmusic has characterized him as "arguably the most highly regarded studio drummer in rock from the mid-'70s to the early '90s", further stating that "It is no exaggeration to say that the sound of mainstream pop/rock drumming in the 1980s was, to a large extent, the sound of Jeff Porcaro. Porcaro was born in Hartford, Connecticut, the eldest son of Los Angeles session percussionist Joe Porcaro. His brothers Steve and Mike are both still active session musicians. Porcaro was raised in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles and attended Ulysses S. Grant High School. On October 22, 1983, Porcaro married Susan Norris, a Los Angeles television newscaster.

Personal details

Date of birth
April 1st, 1954
United States of America
Date of death
August 5th, 1992 at age of 38
Place of death
Hollywood, California, United States of America
Cause of death
Myocardial infarction
Places lived
Hartford , Connecticut
pop. 125,017 (2013)




1. Grant High School School

Ulysses S. Grant High School is a secondary school in the Valley Glen neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, in the east-central San Fernando Valley. It is located adjacent to Los Angeles Valley College.

Type Public school
13000 Oxnard St., 91401 - Van Nuys, California
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b. 1954., Audio engineer
b. 1957., Synthesizer Player
b. 1945., Actor
b. 1982., Basketball Shooting guard
b. 1968., Actor
Musical Artist

Musical acts

1.Steely Dan Jazz, Rock music, Southern rock, Jazz fusion, Soft rock, Rhythm and blues, Pop rock

1973 -

Steely Dan is an American jazz rock band founded by core members Walter Becker and Donald Fagen. The band's popularity peaked in the late 1970s, and their seven albums over that period of time blended elements of jazz, rock, funk, R&B, and pop. Rolling Stone has called them "the perfect musical antiheroes for the Seventies." Recorded with a revolving cast of session musicians, such as Larry Carlton, Steely Dan's music is characterized by complex jazz-influenced structures and harmonies. Becker and Fagen are whimsical, often sarcastic lyricists, having written "cerebral, wry and eccentric" songs about drugs, love affairs, and crime. The pair are also known for their near-obsessive perfectionism in the recording studio: Over the year they took to record Gaucho, an album of just seven songs, Becker and Fagen hired at least 42 studio musicians and 11 engineers. Steely Dan toured from 1972 to 1974 before retiring to the studio. The group disbanded for some years in 1981, and throughout most of the next decade Becker and Fagen were less active, though a cult following remained devoted to the group. In 1993 the two reunited and began playing concerts.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Vocals 1972
Drums 1972 1974
Bass, Guitar 1972 June, 1981
Lead Vocals 1972 June, 1981
Guitar 1972 1974
Guitar 1972
Percussion, Vocals 1973
Drums 1973
Keyboard, Vocals 1973
1993 2004
Jon Herington


Album title Released Type
Can't Buy a Thrill 1972 Studio album
Countdown to Ecstasy 1973 Studio album
Pretzel Logic 1974 Studio album
Katy Lied 1975 Studio album
The Royal Scam 1976 Studio album
Aja 1977 Studio album
Gaucho 1980 Studio album
Two Against Nature 2000 Studio album
Everything Must Go 2003 Studio album

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2.Toto Pop rock, Progressive rock, Soft rock, Hard rock, Arena rock, Pop music, Melodic Rock, Funk rock, Jazz fusion, Neo-progressive rock, Rock music

1977 - 1992

Toto is an American rock band formed in 1977 in Van Nuys in Greater Los Angeles, California. The band's current lineup consists of Joseph Williams, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Steve Lukather, and Keith Carlock. Original bass player David Hungate is currently scheduled to tour with Toto as a guest musician, as Mike Porcaro is too ill to tour. Toto is known for a musical style that combines elements of pop, rock, soul, funk, progressive rock, hard rock, R&B and jazz. David Paich and Jeff Porcaro had played together as session musicians on several albums and decided to form a band. David Hungate, Steve Lukather, Steve Porcaro and Bobby Kimball were recruited before their first album release. The band enjoyed great commercial success in the late 1970s and 1980s, beginning with the band's eponymous debut released in 1978. With the release of the critically acclaimed and commercially successful Toto IV, Toto became one of the best-selling music groups of their era. They are best known for the Top 5 hits "Hold the Line", "Rosanna", and "Africa". Several changes to the lineup have been made over the years.

Member history

Member Role Start End
Bass guitar 1977 1982
Keyboard, Vocals 1977 1984
Vocals, Keyboard 1977 2006
Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar 1977 June 6th, 2008
Percussion, Drums 1977 August 5th, 1992
Synthesizer, Keyboard, Vocals 1977 1986
Bass guitar 1982 2007
1984 1986
Vocals 1986 1988
Vocals 1989 1991
Keyboard, Drums, Percussion 1992 2008
Vocals, Synthesizer, Keyboard 2004 2008


Album title Released Type
Toto 1978 Studio album
Hydra 1979 Studio album
Turn Back 1981 Studio album
Toto IV 1982 Studio album
Isolation 1984 Studio album
Fahrenheit 1986 Studio album
The Seventh One 1988 Studio album
Kingdom of Desire 1992 Studio album
Tambu 1995 Studio album
Mindfields 1999 Studio album
Through the Looking Glass 2002 Studio album
Falling in Between 2006 Studio album
Dune 1984 Soundtrack

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Member history

Member Role Start End
Tommy Denander

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4.Clover Rock music

Clover was an American country rock band formed in Mill Valley, California in 1967. They are best known as the backup band for Elvis Costello's 1977 debut album My Aim Is True, and for members later forming or joining more successful acts, including Huey Lewis and the News, The Doobie Brothers, Toto, and Lucinda Williams. Clover disbanded in 1978. Three members reunited for two concerts backing Costello in San Francisco on November 8, 2007.

Member history

Member Role Start End
John Ciambotti
Bass guitar 1967 1978
Lead Vocals, Guitar 1967 1978
Mitch Howie
Drums 1967 1971
Guitar, Steel guitar 1967 1978
Vocals, Harmonica 1972 1979
Daniel Lenard
Kirk Harwood
Sean Hopper
Micky Shine
Kevin Wells
Marcus Grossman
Tony Braunagel

Awards won

1982 Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)

Awarded for Presented by Discipline Award shared with
Rosanna Musical Recording


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