Jerry Riggs

Jerry riggs

Jerry Riggs is an American rock guitarist and vocalist, born on August 25, 1956, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Jerry Riggs began his musical career as lead guitarist for the Knoxville, Tennessee group, Lynx, a popular staple on the local bar circuit in the mid-1970s. The band, featuring Michael Byassee on vocals, soon relocated to Atlanta, Georgia. There, musician Don Train ("Stormtrooper") recruited Riggs and fellow guitarist Jeremy Graf to join his group "Raggedy Ann". The band recorded a series of demos at Last Stand Studios in 1978. By 1979, the band was being courted by major producers and new demo tapes were cut in Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, resulting in new management and recording deals. When Don Train elected to leave the group and return to Philadelphia in 1980, Jerry Riggs replaced him as frontman and the band became known as Riggs. Two of the band's songs Radar Rider and Heartbeat were featured prominently in the 1981 animated feature film Heavy Metal. The songs were also included on the movie's soundtrack release. Riggs' debut album on the Full Moon label was released shortly after, but failed to make much of an impact on the music scene.

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Date of birth
August 25th, 1956

Musical acts

1.Pat Travers Band

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