Jessie Jane Duff

Jessie Jane Duff, a Washington DC-based management and HR consultant (US Marine Corps, retired), is the current national chairperson of the 527 Americans for Dr. Rice political organization seeking to draft Condoleezza Rice as the 2008 Republican Presidential nominee. Ms. Duff has appeared at a variety of events and media outlets throughout the nation to promote the draft of Dr. Condoleezza Rice for the presidency in 2008. At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), February 9-11, 2006, the largest annual conservative political conference in the United States, Americans for Dr. Rice was a co-sponsor and Ms. Duff emceed part of the proceedings and was interviewed on national television with CNN senior political analyst, Bill Schneider. At the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, March 10-12, 2006, Ms. Duff was featured on Hardball with Chris Mathews and with CNN¬タルs John Roberts. In July 2006, Ms. Duff appeared as a guest on the morning news show, Fox and Friends. Under her leadership, Americans for Dr. Rice has established offices on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC, and ran television advertisements on the local ABC network affiliate in the District.

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