Jim Feist

Jim Feist (James Feist) is involved in the sports information and sport gaming industry who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. What is formerly called a tout. He provides a betting opinion on various sporting events. He is compensated by selling this opinion Feist started wagering on sports some 40 years ago and learned the ins and outs of surviving in a rundown pool hall in Freeland, Pennsylvania. In Freeland, developing point spreads on high school basketball games, it was Feist's job to contribute the information on player status, and in the process developing an understanding of the power of accurate information applied through hours of meticulous preparation. Football betting is huge in the United States, and there are plenty of places to turn for advice on how to be a winning bettor. Jim Feist and Kelso Sturgeon are well-known names to those who are involved in the sports betting world. The Complete Guide to Football Betting provides their insights on this subject. – Nick Christenson, Gambling Book Reviews Feist acknowledges that "sports betting is neither a science nor an art".

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