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Jim wallerstein

Jim Wallerstein (born 1968) is a guitarist and vocalist, best known as part of the bands Das Damen, New United Monster Show and Vacationland. He was born in Rutherford, New Jersey and graduated from New York University. During Wallerstein's early years in New York City, he recorded records for Ecstatic Peace (Thurston Moore's label), SST, Twin Tone, and Sub-Pop with his band Das Damen, and was a tour guitarist for D Generation on their stadium tour with The Offspring. He then moved to Portland, Maine in 2001 to be with girlfriend Bebe Buell, whom he married in 2002. While there he helped to found the band Vacationland, which released an album All Around You on Tacit Records in 2003. Even though the band's CD was favorably reviewed and major labels were courting the Portland-based foursome, Vacationland disbanded in 2005 due to Wallerstein's desire to base the band in NYC instead of Maine. Wallerstein's current band is Twin Engines. He lives between New York City, where Twin Engines is based, and Portland, Maine where he keeps a house with wife Bebe Buell.

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