Joan Hamburg

Broadcast Artist from United States of America

Joan Hamburg (born August 12, 1935 ) is a radio personality on WOR, in New York since the early 1940s. She grew up on Long Island and attended Barnard College before embarking on an advertising career. Hamburg started her radio broadcasting with small consumer (bargain shopping) segments on the long-running Rambling With Gambling morning show, eventually earning her own show. Hamburg is extremely celebrity, society, and show-business-conscious, and is now billed as "New York Radio's First Lady." The orientation of her broadcasts has shifted dramatically to become a radio version of the Today Show, including the day's news, food and restaurant features, and celebrity and newsmaker interviews. Hamburg still takes consumer questions and gives listeners advice about restaurants, events, and the like. Carol Channing, a regular listener, once called Joan Hamburg "The Yellow Pages of The World". The highlights from Hamburg’s daily show are put together for a two-hour nationally syndicated weekend show, distributed by the WOR Radio Network. Her daughter, Liz, contributes to the show twice a week and sometimes appears as a fill-in host. Joan frequently broadcasts from her favorite places  ( Wikipedia article )


Personal facts

Date of birth
United States of America
John Hamburg


Institution From To
Barnard College

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