Joe DiMaggio, Jr

Joseph Paul DiMaggio III (October 23, 1941 in New York City - August 6, 1999 in Antioch, California) was the only child of baseball legend Joe DiMaggio. His mother was former starlet Dorothy Arnold. The elder DiMaggio was the Jr., named for his father, Giuseppe, but the younger DiMaggio was the one known as Junior. Joe Jr. always had a hard time with his father's fame. He and the elder DiMaggio had barely spoken for years before his father's death. When he was younger, his father was barely in his life, due to his parents' divorce in 1944, and to Joe's career. In 1946, Dorothy remarried, which upset Joe, as he was still in love with her, and she had promised to wait for him to return from training camp. Despite the fact that his parents did love him and tried their best in the circumstances, the boy was neglected, even as his father sent him to camps and boarding school, and gave him the best of everything. "They threw the man away," his ex-wife, Sue told Esquire. A blurb on the now-13 year old in Newsweek reported that he planned to be an engineer and join the United States Air Force. But, something, obviously, went wrong.

Personal details

Date of birth
October 23rd, 1941
United States of America
Date of death
1999 at age of 57

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