Joe Maese American Football Linebacker

Joseph Michael Maese (born December 2, 1978 in Morenci, Arizona) is a former American football linebacker/long snapper of the National Football League. Maese was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in the sixth round of the 2001 NFL Draft. He was the first pure long snapper ever drafted and the only long snapper drafted that year. He played college football at The University of New Mexico. There he won the award for the teams strongest pound for pound player. Maese also played for the Detroit Lions and the Baltimore Blackbirds of the American Indoor Football Association. Following his professional football career, Joe was employed as a firefighter in Howard County, Maryland Howard County, Maryland. Maese resides in a suburb of Baltimore. He once saved a young girl's life by performing CPR in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Made a reputation for himself in Baltimore, MD of being one of the most humble, blue collared players. Maese often spent Thanks Giving with children in need instead of his own family.

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December 2nd, 1978


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