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Joel Scott Davis is a film composer, arranger, and performer. Davis received his Bachelors Degree in music theory/composition from Samford University in 2005. He continued on to receive his Master of Arts at Claremont Graduate University in 2007. Where he is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts in composition. At CGU he is studying under Grammy-nominated composer Peter Boyer, Edward David Zeliff, and James A. Jensen. His studies focus on post-1945 contemporary music; the connections between literature, philosophy, theology, and music; technology's impact upon the arts; and the current relationship between composers and listeners. At Claremont Graduate University Davis, the recipient of the endowed Helen M. Smith fellowship, serves as teaching assistant for classes on music technology and contemporary music. Davis has been accepted to the Lilly fellows program in Arts and Humanities. His music has been performed in many locations, most notably Carnegie Hall in New York and the International Hayden Festival in Vienna. Davis's 2008 premiere at Carnegie Hall featured a composition performed by Kathryn Fouse and G. William Bugg of Samford, two former professors.

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