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Joel G. Virador (born 5 March 1967) was a Filipino partylist representative for Bayan Muna in the 13th Congress of the Philippines. He is currently the party's Executive Vice President. Bayan Muna continues to oppose Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's presidency on claims of corruption due to the Hello Garci controversy, the fertilizer fund scam, allegations over widespread human rights abuses, including the State of Emergency in February 2006. During the suspension of freedoms, the 6 members were sought out with arrest warrants by the government and took refuge in Congress. Beltran was illegally arrested by state agents and was detained for more than a year. Virador was nabbed by state agents in Davao City. Thenceforth, the group of Bayan Muna, Anakpawis and Gabriela representatives -- Ocampo, CasiƱo, Virador, Maza, Beltran and fellow Anakpawis Rafael Mariano became known as the Batasan 6.

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Bayan Muna

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Bayan Muna is a leftist political party in the Philippines. The motto of the party is "New Politics, the Politics of Change", against "traditional, elitist, pro-imperialist politics". Its platform includes the advocation of a government that progressively supports the working class, with meaningful representation of all democratic sectors in the Philippines. Bayan Muna was the second most popular party-list party in the 2007 Philippine elections.

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