Johann von Staupitz

Johann von staupitz

Johann von Staupitz (ca. 1460, Motterwitz – 28 December 1524) was a theologian, university preacher, Vicar-General of the Augustinian Order in Germany who supervised Martin Luther during a critical period in that man's spiritual life. Martin Luther himself remarked, "If it had not been for Dr. Staupitz, I should have sunk in hell." Although he died a Catholic monk and repudiated the Protestant Reformation, he is commemorated on 8 November as a priest in the Calendar of Saints of the Lutheran Church. Von Staupitz was born in Motterwitz ca. 1460. Descended from an old Saxony family, he matriculated in the year 1485 and officially joined the order in Munich before relocated to Tübingen where he received promotion to the rank of prior. In 1500 Von Staupitz was made Doctor of Theology and achieved election to the post of Vicar general of the German Congregation of Augustinians in 1503. He was also made dean of the theology faculty at the University of Wittenberg when it was founded in 1502. In 1512, while in his 50s, Von Staupitz resigned his professorship and relocated to the southern part of Germany, resigning his vicar-generalship officially in 1520.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
December 28th, 1524 at age of 65
Place of death
Salzburg, Germany
Places lived
pop. 4,054,182 (2011)


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