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Johannes Antonsson (1921 – 25 August 1995) was a Swedish politician for the Centre Party. A member of the Riksdag from 1958 to 1979, he was interior minister from 1976 to 1978, and governor of the province of Halland from 1979 to 1986. He also served as vice-chairman of the Centre Party from 1969 to 1979.

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August 25th, 1995 at age of 74

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The Centre Party is a liberal, agrarian, and social-liberal political party in Sweden. The party currently defines its ideology as "eco-humanism". It maintains close ties to rural Sweden and describes itself as "a green social-liberal party". Traditionally the Centre Party has been characterised as a Nordic agrarian party, focusing on agricultural, environmental, and rural questions. Its long-term key issues have been opposition to nuclear power and proposals to decentralise governmental authority. The party was founded in 1913 as the Farmers' League. In 1922 it merged with Jordbrukarnas Riksförbund. The name of the party changed from Bondeförbundet in 1957. It had then been the closest ally of the Social Democrats for 25 years, and coalition partners 1936–1945 as well as 1951–1957, but has since revised this strategy in order to establish a closer long-term alliance between the centre-right parties, that succeeded the Social Democratic cabinets 1976–1982 and 1991–1994. The Swedish Prime Minister Torbjörn Fälldin was the leader of the Centre Party and Prime Minister in 1976–1982, excepting a short interregnum in 1978–1979 by Liberal People's Party leader Ola Ullsten.

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