Johannes Evert Hendrik Akkeringa

Johannes Evert Hendrik Akkeringa (17 January 1861 – 12 April 1942) was part of the second generation of the Hague School painters. Akkeringa is primarily known for his paintings and watercolours of women and playing children at the beach, women mending nets and intimate tea-time conversations. Akkeringa was born in Blinjoe in the Dutch East Indies. He was the second child of Johannes Evert Akkeringa (1829–1863), an engineer in the tin mines of the Billiton-Company at Bangka, and later at Buitenzorg. His mother, Sariedje (born in 1842), was of mixed Chinese and Javanese ethnic origin. Following the death of his father in 1864 from typhus, Akkeringa moved with his brother and sister to The Hague, where they grew up in the household of his aunt. In the spring of 1878, at the age of seventeen, Akkeringa enrolled at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He quickly befriended fellow student Willem de Zwart (1862–1931) and other artists studying at the Academy, including Floris Verster (1861–1927) and Marius Bauer (1867–1932). It is likely that during this period Akkeringa met and became close to the artist Isaac Israels (1865–1934).

Personal details

Date of birth
January 17th, 1861
Date of death
April 12th, 1942 at age of 81


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