John Dickey

Captain John Dickey (1724 – 1808) was a Revolutionary War soldier who led the outnumbered North Carolina Patriot Militia during the Battle of Ramsour's Mill. The battle did not involve regular Army troops, but was fought against men for the Revolution, against a larger militia of men loyal to King George III. Born in Derry, Ireland in or around 1724, John came to America with his parents George Dickey and Margaret Walker. They may have immigrated with the Philip Tanner family, as the Dickeys intermarried with them. Philip Tanner has the distinction of being the 1st known man killed by a puma in North America. The record of his death is one of the earliest extant records of Colonial America, and his tombstone at "The Stone Graveyard", Lewisville, Chester County, Pennsylvania, sports a crude likeness of the creature. Captain John married his sweetheart, Rachel Tanner, around 1758.

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1808 at age of 84

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