John Henry Brodhead

John Henry Brodhead (1898–1951) was born in Washington, New Jersey, US. He attended West Chester State Normal school in Pennsylvania, where he graduated in 1919. From Temple University, he received a PhD in educational psychology. He was employed as a teacher and a principal in the school system of Philadelphia. He also became principal of one of the largest schools in Pennsylvania. He was president of the American Teacher Association, the Association of Pennsylvania Educational Association, and the new era Educational.

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Temple University is a comprehensive public research university in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Originally founded in 1884 by Dr. Russell Conwell, Temple University is among the nation's largest providers of professional education (law, medicine, podiatric medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, architecture) and prepares the largest body of professional practitioners in Pennsylvania, offering over 300 academic degree programs at seven campuses and sites in Pennsylvania and its international campuses in Rome, Tokyo, Singapore and London. It is the 26th largest university in the United States with more than 37,000 undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.

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1801 North Broad Street, 19122 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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b. 1895., Lawyer
b. 1897., Visual Artist
b. 1941., Writer
b. 1978., American Football Defensive tackle
b. 1978., Reggae Artist
b. 1923., Judge
b. 1965., American Football Running back
b. 1959., U.S. Congressperson


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