John Julius Angerstein

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John Julius Angerstein (1732 – 22 January 1823), was a London merchant, Lloyd's under-writer, and patron of the fine arts. The imminent prospect that his collection of paintings was about to be sold by his estate, in 1824, galvanised the founding of the National Gallery, London. Angerstein was born in St Petersburg, Russia, and settled in London in about 1749. It has wrongly been suggested that he was an illegitimate son of Catherine the Great or of Elizabeth, Empress of Russia. Family tradition holds that his true parents were Anna of Russia and the London merchant Andrew Poulett Thompson; his first position after arriving in London at the age of fifteen was in Thompson's counting house. Angerstein married Anna, widow of Charles Crockett and daughter of Henry Muilman (1700–1772) a South Sea Company director, banker, Danish consul in London and Russia Company consul, and Anne née Darnall at St Peter-le-Poer, Old Broad Street in 1771. They had two children; Juliana who married General Sablenkoff of the Russia Service and John Angerstein MP (1773–1858). (There is a memorial plaque to the latter in the church of St Nicholas at Bratton St Maur, near Wincanton in Somerset. It describes  ( Wikipedia article )


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