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John Mohler Studebaker (1833-1917) was the German-American co-founder and later executive of what would become the Studebaker Corporation automobile company. He was the third son of the founding Studebaker family and played a key role in the growth of the company during his years as president, from 1868 until his death in 1917. John Mohler Studebaker was born in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to John S. and Rebecca Mohler Studebaker, and moved to Ashland County, Ohio with his family in 1836. While his two elder brothers Henry and Clem became blacksmiths, John went to Placerville, California, lured by stories of the gold rush. After arriving, he realized that much mining employment in California had been taken, and he accepted an opportunity to manufacture wheelbarrows for miners, earning himself the nickname of “Wheelbarrow Johnny”. The site of John's business is now number 142 of California's Historic Landmarks. John went to South Bend, Indiana in 1852 and contributed $8,000 he had made in California to his brothers' funds to expand the Studebaker Wagon Corporation. They began to supply wagons for the Union Army in the American Civil War, becoming the Studebaker Brothers Manufacturing  ( Wikipedia article )


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