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John Roy Stewart or Stuart or Stiuart (Gaelic: Iain Ruadh Stiùbhart) (1700–1752) was a distinguished officer in the Jacobite army of 1745 and a poet in both Gaelic and in English. He was the son of Donald, a farmer in Strathspey, grandson of John, the last of the Barons of Kincardine. Father gave him a good education, and procured him a commission in a Highland regiment, which at the period served in Flanders. In the army of Prince Charles Edward Stuart he was military commander at Gladsmuir, Clifton, Falkirk, and Culloden. Among his poetry the most well known are "Lament for Lady Macintosh" and “The Day of Culloden” ("Latha Chul-Lodair").

Personal details

Date of birth
Date of death
1752 at age of 52


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