John T. Alsap

John Tabor Alsap (February 26 or 28, 1830 – September 10, 1886) was an American physician, lawyer, politician, and farmer active in the early days of Arizona Territory. Among his accomplishments are being appointed the first Treasurer of Arizona Territory, being elected to four terms of the territorial legislature, serving as both Speaker of the House and President of the Council in the Arizona Territorial legislature, and becoming the first Mayor of Phoenix. Alsap was born in Frankfort, Kentucky on either February 26 or 28 in 1830. His family moved to Ohio when he was two years old before settling in Fort Wayne, Indiana when he was ten. Alsap is commonly credited with graduating in 1854 from the New York College of Medicine with degrees in law and medicine. There is evidence however that he gained his medical knowledge studying under a physician in Marion, Ohio instead of from his university studies. After completing his studies, Alsap worked briefly as a physician in Indiana before moving to Contra Costa County, California. In California he augmented his work as a physician with farming and prospecting.

Personal details

Date of death
September 10th, 1886


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