Jonathan Bernis Evangelist

Jonathan Bernis (born December 1, 1959 in Pittsford, New York) is an American rabbi of Messianic Judaism, an evangelist, and a television personality who hosts a television program called Jewish Voice Today which airs weekly on Christian television throughout the United States and worldwide. Although Mr Bernis presents himself as a rabbi, there is no record that he has received the formal training from a conventional Jewish seminary which is the prerequisite customarily associated with this honorific. Jonathan was brought up in the affluent Rochester, New York suburb of Pittsford. In college, Jonathan began questioning his faith and studying other ideologies, while also continuing to be heavily involved in the party lifestyle. As a 20-year-old business major, he says his main goal was "to make a million dollars before age 30". But then he attended a Bible study while still a student and discovered that he was a sinner separated from God according to Romans 3:23. This revelation made Jonathan uncomfortable, because he did not want to change his lifestyle.

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December 1st, 1959

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