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John Corrigan "Jonathan" Wells (born 1942) is an American author and advocate of intelligent design. A member of the Unification Church, Wells wrote that the teachings of church founder Sun Myung Moon, his own studies at the Unification Theological Seminary and his prayers convinced him to devote his life to "destroying Darwinism", a term which intelligent design proponents often use to refer to the scientific consensus on evolution and which he describes as the theory that various species developed as a wholly natural process "without God's purposeful, creative activity." In his best-known book, Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth?, Wells describes a number of examples used to illustrate biology textbooks as being grossly exaggerated, distorting the truth, or patently false; he says that this shows that evolution conflicts with the evidence, and so argues against its teaching in public education. Reviewers of Icons of Evolution have said the Wells misquoted experts cited as sources and took minor issues out of context, basing his argument on a flawed syllogism. Wells's views on evolution have been rejected by the scientific community. Wells was born in New York City in 1942 and  ( Wikipedia article )


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United States of America


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Yale University
Unification Theological Seminary
University of California, Berkeley
Princeton University

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