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Jorge Mario Bergoglio, SJ (born December 17, 1936) is an Argentine cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He is the current Archbishop of Buenos Aires, serving since 1998. He was elevated to the cardinalate in 2001. Jorge Bergoglio was born in Buenos Aires, as one of the five children of an Italian railway worker and his wife. After studying at the seminary in Villa Devoto, he entered the Society of Jesus on March 11, 1958. Bergoglio obtained a licentiate in philosophy from the Colegio Máximo San José in San Miguel, and then taught literature and psychology at the Colegio de la Inmaculada in Santa Fe, and the Colegio del Salvador in Buenos Aires. He was ordained to the priesthood on December 13, 1969 by Archbishop Ramón José Castellano. He was attending the Philosophical and Theological Faculty of San Miguel, a seminary in San Miguel. Eventually, Bergoglio attained the position of novice master there and became professor of theology. Impressed with his leadership skills, the Society of Jesus promoted Bergoglio and he served as provincial for Argentina from 1973 to 1979. He was later transferred in 1980 to become the rector of his seminary alma mater.

Personal details

Date of birth
December 17th, 1936
Italian Argentine
Places lived
Vatican City
pop. 836 (2012)
Buenos Aires , Argentina
pop. 2,891,082 (2010)




1. Facultades de Filosofía y Teología de San Miguel Colleges/University

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b. 1948., Priest

2. University of Buenos Aires Colleges/University

- Master's Degree / Chemistry

The University of Buenos Aires (Spanish: Universidad de Buenos Aires, UBA) is the largest university in Argentina and the largest university by enrollment in Latin America. Founded on August 12, 1821 in the city of Buenos Aires, it consists of 13 departments, 6 hospitals, 10 museums and is linked to 4 high schools: Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, Escuela Superior de Comercio Carlos Pellegrini, Instituto Libre de Segunda Enseñanza and Escuela de Educación Técnica Profesional en Producción Agropecuaria y Agroalimentaria.

Type Public university
Viamonte 430/44, C1053ABJ - Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Province
2011. 274,667
2011. 15,540
Official web page www.uba.ar
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b. 1939., Politician
b. 1878., Politician
b. 1876., Politician
b. 1957., Politician
b. 1946., Politician
b. 1964., Politician
b. 1922., Politician
b. 1817., Politician


Company Founded Positions
Universidad del Salvador
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Goverment positions 1

Sovereign of Vatican City State



Vatican City

Written work

1.On Heaven and Earth

Editions Subjects Co-authors
2013. by Image Books
Abraham Skorka


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