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José Gregorio Valera was President of Venezuela in 1878. Military and politician, in 1868 defended Turmero from the attack of Los azules (Blue Revolution) led by José Tadeo Monagas, also fought at the battle of San Casimiro. In 1877, exerted the presidency of the Guzmán Blanco state (which no longer exists). In 1878, rebels against the revolution commanded by José Ignacio Pulido. That year, is designated like Defense Minister, and first delegate of the Republic. On 11 December 1878, organized the Constitutional Convention that summoned president Francisco Linares Alcántara to carry out a reform of the Constitution. After the dead of Linares Alcántara, is named President by the congress (1878–1879), being overthrown by the Revolución Reivindicadora that exploded in Valencia, on 28 December 1878. In 1879, fights La Victoria against the army of the Revolución Reivindicadora. That year an agreement at the Congress, and signed by its president Jacinto Lara took place, which asked for the judgment of Valera of the crime of having killed General Rafael María Gualdrón outside of his legal public functions. The trial was carried out, but was acquitted in 1880.

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The Great Liberal Party of Venezuela was a political party in Venezuela, founded on August 21, 1840 by Antonio Leocadio Guzmán and Tomás Lander, through an editorial published by Guzmán at El Venezolano newspaper. The party very successfully promoted liberal policies during the early days of the Republic. Several of the early presidents of the country were members of the Liberal Party, including José Tadeo Monagas who abolished capital punishment for political crimes. President José Gregorio Monagas proclaimed that Venezuela was a nation free of slavery in an edict signed on 24 March 1854. In 1863, under the leadership of President Juan Crisóstomo Falcón, a member of the Liberal Party, Venezuela became the first country to totally abolish the death penalty for all crimes.

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