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Jose maria carreno

Jose Maria Carreño Blanco (March 19, 1792 in Cúa — May 18, 1849 in Caracas) was a Venezuelan politician and military, Vice-president in the government of José María Vargas, and provisional President of Venezuela as interim caretaker in 1837. Jose Maria Carreño was the one who lent his shirt to Simón Bolívar, right after his death. This hero has been little recognised and, inexplicably, there is not much information about him. On 20 January 1837, in agreement with the constitution, concluded the period of Andrés Narvarte, being designated as president of Venezuela. Jose Maria Carreño, in his position of vice-president of the Government Council, exerted his functions with the collaboration of Felipe Fermín Paul, the Minister of the Interior, José Felix Blanco in the War and Navy Ministry, and Manuel Maria Echeandía in Outer Relations. On 11 March 1837, Carlos Soublette was designated vice-president of Venezuela, and on 10 April, of that year, assumed the presidency of the Republic, a position that Soublette carried out until concluding the constitutional period that Vargas initiated in 1835. José María Carreño was a Mason in the 3rd degree.

Personal details

Date of birth
March 19th, 1792
Date of death
1849 at age of 56
Place of death


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