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José Trinidad Cabañas José Trinidad Cabañas (9 June 1805 - 8 January 1871) served as President of Honduras for two separate terms: From 1 March to 6 July 1852. And 31 December 1853 to 6 June 1855. He was a General and liberal politician whose role in Honduran history began during the Civil War 1826-29. He became a Central America hero, when he attempted to reunite Central America, during Francisco Morazán's tenure and after the unionist's death. During his second term as President, Cabañas attempted to build the railroad in Honduras. He was supported by the common Central American people, but his liberal beliefs were not accepted by the conservatives, then holding power. He was popularly known as being: "The gentleman without blemish and without fear". José Trinidad Cabañas was born to José María Cabañas Rivera and Juana Fiallos in Tegucigalpa and was baptized on the day of his 1805 He attended school at the "Colegio Tridentino" in Comayagua, where he studied latin, rhetoric, theology and philosophy. In 1827, when the military forces of Justo Milla invaded and besieged Comayagua, and overthrew the government of Dionisio de Herrera, Cabañas, at 32 years old, volunteered himself and his three  ( Wikipedia article )


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