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Major General (Ret.) Joseph Saidu Momoh (January 26, 1937 – August 3, 2003) was the President of Sierra Leone from November, 1985 to April 29, 1992. Joseph Saidu Momoh was born on January 26, 1937 in Binkolo, Bombali District in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone to Limba Parents. He married to a Fullani woman from Kono Mrs Fatmata N. Momoh years after the first lady Hannah Momoh died in the Republic of Guinea. Momoh served as President of Sierra Leone from November 28, 1985 to April 29, 1992. A professional soldier drawn into politics, Momoh rose from the enlisted ranks, to the highest position in the Sierra Leone Military Forces (Major-General), during his presidency. In 1985 Momoh succeeded President Siaka Stevens by becoming the only candidate in a one-party election in the form of a referendum under the banner of the All People's Congress party (APC). Momoh declared a state of economic emergency early in his rule, granting himself greater control over Sierra Leone's economy, but he was not regarded as a dictator.

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January 26th, 1937
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August 3rd, 2003 at age of 66
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All People's Congress

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Sierra Leone


Democratic socialism


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The All People's Congress is one of the two major political parties in Sierra Leone, the other being the Sierra Leone People's Party. The party was founded in 1960 by a breakaway group from the Sierra Leone People's Party who vehemently opposed the idea of election before independence, but instead supported the idea of independence before elections. The All People's Congress was formed at 5 Elba Street, Freetown, and consisted of the late Alhaji Chief Mucktarru-Kallay, First Chairman and Leader and who gave the name and the symbol. Allieu Badarr Koroma, Deputy Chairman, C.A. Kamara-Taylor, First Secretary General, Alhaji Sheik Gibril Sesay,Treasurer, Kawusu Konte, Organiser, S A T Koroma, Public Relations,Kotor AbuBakarr S Bangura, The Artist, drawings of the Symbol, first seventh and later add six to thirteen, may their souls rest in perfect peace and bliss. these were the first seven and founders members of the All Peoples Congress Party.The next Members are Siaka probyn Stevens, Nancy Steele, S.I.Koroma, Bob Allen, Mohamed Bash-Taqui and Ibrahim Bash-Taqui. Sir. Albert Margai who would later return to the SLPP and become Prime Minister, and Siaka P.

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