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Jóvito Villalba Gutiérrez (March 23, 1908 - July 8, 1989), was a Venezuelan lawyer and politician, member of the Generation of 1928, founder of the party URD (Democratic Republican Union) and signer of the Punto Fijo Pact. Villalba was born in 1908, to Ángela Gutiérrez and Jóvito Villalba. In 1921, he was accepted at the Federal School of La Asunción, where he studied secondary education. After that, he moved to Caracas, where he continued his studies at the Liceo Caracas, headed by Rómulo Gallegos. In 1926 he began his career as lawyer at the Central University of Venezuela. From that, participates at numerous political activities, becoming from his speech in the National Pantheon in 1928, against the dictatorship of Juan Vicente Gómez, an important political figure. After that, on February 13, 1928, was imprisoned at El Cuño jail. During his first exile, resides in Mexico, where forms part of the Venezuelan Revolutionary Party. Returns to his country on April 7, 1928, participating in a coup against Gómez. After its failure, was imprisoned first in La Rotunda, and at a Fortress in Puerto Cabello, staying six years devoted to the study of law and languages learning.

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Date of birth
March 23rd, 1908
Date of death
July 8th, 1989 at age of 81
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The Central University of Venezuela (or Universidad Central de Venezuela in Spanish) is a premier public University of Venezuela located in Caracas. Founded in 1721, it is the oldest university in Venezuela and one of the oldest in the Western Hemisphere .

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Organizations founded

1. Democratic Republican Union

Political party

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The Democratic Republican Union is a Venezuelan political party founded in 1945. When the party appeared on course to win the 1952 election for a constitutional assembly, dictator Marcos Pérez Jiménez suspended the election. The party joined in the 1958 Punto Fijo Pact, and its candidate in the Venezuelan presidential election, 1958, Wolfgang Larrazábal, was the runner up. The party resigned from the Punto Fijo Pact in 1962. Its candidate Jóvito Villalba won 19% of the vote in the 1963 election, but only 3% in the 1973 election.

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Democratic Republican Union

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