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JT Bowen (born John Bowen, October 12, 1947, Rochester, NY) is an American R&B singer in the style of Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett, and is best-known as the lead singer of the band Clarence Clemons & The Red Bank Rockers. Born in Rochester, NY to Frank and Geneva Bowen, Bowen had spent his early childhood in Port Norris, NJ, Brielle, NJ, and Crisfield, MD. He was raised from nine months old by Delacy Justice, a Jazz singer, and Henry Ellington, a Gospel singer. He had moved from Port Norris, NJ to Brielle, NJ in 1954, and then to Crisfield, MD in 1959. He began singing at an early age, first starting out singing in local church choirs with Ellington at the age of 7 in the Port Norris area, and had continued to sing in church choirs throughout his childhood. In 1960, Bowen got his start singing with a local band, The Rockets in Maryland where he had gone by the name of Little Johnny Redding, the moniker arising from his emulation of Otis Redding’s style. His adoption of this nickname was also due to him being the youngest member of the band, with all of the other members being at least ten years his senior. He stayed with The Rockets until he moved to Lakewood, NJ in 1965.

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