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Juan Crisóstomo Falcón y Zavarce (27 January 1820 – 29 April 1870) was President of Venezuela (1863-1868). Member of the liberal Venezuelan Federalist Party, he first served as president of Venezuela as the supreme chief of a rebel movement in August 1859, but the rebellion was soon crushed. He served as the recognized president of Venezuela from 1863 to 1868, when a conservative revolution headed by General José Tadeo Monagas ended his term as president. Also, he was briefly overthrown in 1865. At the end of his presidential term, Falcón emigrated to Europe. He died in Martinique in 1870. The state of Falcón is named after him. In 1863 Venezuela, under the presidency of Juan Crisóstomo Falcon, became the first country to abolish capital punishment for all crimes, including serious offenses against the state.

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Date of birth
January 27th, 1820
Date of death
April 29th, 1870 at age of 50
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Great Liberal Party of Venezuela

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The Great Liberal Party of Venezuela was a political party in Venezuela, founded on August 21, 1840 by Antonio Leocadio Guzmán and Tomás Lander, through an editorial published by Guzmán at El Venezolano newspaper. The party very successfully promoted liberal policies during the early days of the Republic. Several of the early presidents of the country were members of the Liberal Party, including José Tadeo Monagas who abolished capital punishment for political crimes. President José Gregorio Monagas proclaimed that Venezuela was a nation free of slavery in an edict signed on 24 March 1854. In 1863, under the leadership of President Juan Crisóstomo Falcón, a member of the Liberal Party, Venezuela became the first country to totally abolish the death penalty for all crimes.


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