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Juan José Flores y Aramburu (July 19, 1800 – October 1, 1864) was a Venezuelan military general who became Supreme Chief, and later the first President of the new Republic of Ecuador. He later served two more terms from 1839 to 1843 and from 1843 to 1845, and is often referred to as "The founder of the Republic". On May 13, 1830, the day of Ecuador's breaking away from Gran Colombia, he was named supreme chief of the new country, and then on August 14, 1830, he was named provisional president. His official term, however, did not start until September 22, 1830, 11 days after he was elected constitutional president by the assembly in Riobamba. That term lasted until September 10, 1834, and was marked with much turmoil. Flores faced a rebellion led by Luis Urdaneta, a loyalist of Simón Bolívar, who wanted to prevent Ecuador from leaving Gran Colombia. Flores also faced a threat from a member of the Ecuadorian congress, Vicente Rocafuerte, who attempted to overthrow him. Eventually, the two made an agreement – Rocafuerte would become president after Flores, and Flores would become leader of the military.

Personal details

Date of birth
July 19th, 1800
Date of death
October 1st, 1864 at age of 64
Place of death
Puná Island
Cause of death




1.Floreana Island

Geographical Feature
Floreana Island is an island of the Galápagos Islands. It was named after Juan José Flores, the first president of Ecuador, during whose administration the government of Ecuador took possession of the archipelago. It was previously called Charles Island, and Santa Maria after one of the caravels of Columbus. The island has an area of 173 square kilometres. It was formed by volcanic eruption. The island's highest point is Cerro Pajas at 640 metres, which is also the highest point of the volcano like most of the smaller islands of Galapagos.
Located in Geolocation
Galápagos Islands


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